About our pest control services

We are experienced at dealing with any pest problem you may be suffering, from whether in a domestic, agricultural or commercial setting.

We would solve your pest problems whether this is caused by rodents, vermin, pests, bugs,  moles, rats or squirrels.

Our services will get rid that your problematic pests and we can provide on-going treatments and services to ensure things stay this way.


We have your environment in mind and use high-quality products and take into account the safety of any pets and children. The services we undertake are covered by £1,000,000 public liability insurance.

Image by Max Muselmann

Your lawn ruined by molehills?

We can help with that.

Duration varies.

Mole trapping - from £90

Mole Hill lite.png

An invasion of insects?

We can help with that.

Treatment from £80

Insect 1 lite.png

Want to get rid of wasps?

We provide wasp nest treatment.

Duration approx 30 mins.

From £42

Mike wasp pic 1.jpg

Garden being destroyed by ants?

Ant spray service.

Duration approx 1 hour.

From £36.

Image by Ulrike Langner

Rodents running around?

We can help with various solutions.

Duration varies.

From £60

Rat Pic lite.png